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Our portfolio is divided into three independent product lines. The first product line includes a comprehensive range of static and fully mobile 6 DOF flight simulators that are designed for both entertainment and training use in the commercial sector. The majority of Pilot 21 flight simulators are equipped with a full cockpit, controls and functionality, as is the case with real-life aircrafts. This division also includes flight simulators for mobile virtual reality.

The second division of our products is focused on the implementation of advanced design, flight, board, electronic and other technologies that we integrate into our own simulation or flight prototypes.

The company’s portfolio culminates with a third division that focuses on long-term development and subsequent implementation of highly innovative solutions in the field of simulation, piloted and unmanned aerial concepts.


At Pilot 21, technologies are divided into SW and HW in general, development and manufacturing. Comprehensive and modular combinations of our technologies create simulation, aviation and electrical components or units that are used across our entire product portfolio. Among the completed Pilot 21 technologies, there are complex product design solutions, simulation programs, mobile and remote control systems for our equipment, electric moving platforms, virtual reality, electronic board avionics, control modules, visualization and projection systems, automated control and regulation systems, etc.

All Pilot 21 technologies are being developed and commissioned by our team of aviation engineers, electricians, programmers, pilots, mechanics, engineers, aerodynamics and propeller specialists, test technicians and many other professional staff with international experience. At Pilot 21, we strive to continually improve our technologies to implement this knowledge in new prototypes and concepts.


Our company develops its own SW and HW components and sub-components for the resulting Pilot 21 products. These components are generally modular and have multiple usability throughout our production portfolio. As is the case of other Pilot 21 activities, our entire development is based in the Czech Republic. The development department is divided into divisions corresponding to our product lines into several groups and expertise areas which use both traditional and highly innovative processes. A large team of developers and test technicians of various professions and specializations work in our development department. We use advanced development programs and tools to help us efficiently convert results into SW + HW outputs, i.e. prototypes, with the ability to test and integrate them into a comprehensive range of our simulation and flight portfolio.

Thanks to the continuous development in our company, we continuously add to and extend our own database of material, design, production, aircraft and simulation data, based on knowledge and results from development, trials and testing.


Pilot 21, a.s. manufactures its entire simulation and flight product portfolio in the Czech Republic. In the manufacture of our products or sub-components, we use state-of-the-art technological processes and materials with a significant share of industrial automation, especially for machining different materials on 6-axis milling machines or for precise material thermal cutting, etc. Despite the constant advances in technology, manufacturing processes and materials, especially for 3D printers, we continue to use traditional aerospace materials and manufacturing processes with a great deal of manual work such as welding, lamination, metalworking, woodworking, gluing, mechanical integration, installation, electrical installation, painting, especially for prototypes and concepts.

Many years of experience in the field of simulation and aeronautics provide us with the experience and manufacturing capabilities that ensure that each component is developed and manufactured from the very beginning according to the industry’s demanding standards and requirements. In our production we place great emphasis on high quality and maximum processing accuracy.


Pilot 21, a.s. is a Czech technology company active in the development and production of flight and simulation equipment of our own design. The history of Pilot 21 technology and products began in 2006, when our first flight simulator was launched in cooperation with the Czech manufacturer of aerobatic multi-purpose training aircraft. From 2014, we focus primarily on developing and manufacturing our own fully mobile flight simulators, unmanned aerial vehicle prototypes and piloted concepts.

Our company is focused on the latest trends and innovative technologies that we apply to a comprehensive range of products in our portfolio. We combine both conventional and high-tech materials, technologies and processes in the field of manufacturing and realization of our products. /

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